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Frequently Asked Questions
And other important information

The consequences of file sharing.

  • If you download pirated copies of (or give away) this copyrighted material please realize that after a time there will not be anything worth your while to steal because developers like me won't bother to produce it. All you will find is a few mind numbing, stupid games that usually do not work or wreck your computer.

    I am not a big company (not that they deserve to be ripped off either) in fact, I am one person who also has to eat, pay bills and website hosting. I give nearly instant support, when I'm not sleeping, even on holidays to everyone who purchases it. I treat it as a full-time job. When someone buys it I believe I have a responsibility to make sure they get what they pay for.

    For those people who believe that I deserve to be paid for my hard work, thank you!


What is your replacement and return policy?

  • The CD is guaranteed for 30 days after purchase only if there is a manufacturing defect or if it is lost in the mail. Returns for a refund are not accepted. Please go through the demos, read the additional information about the simulation, or simply ask if you are not sure that the simulation is something that will work for you.

Why is the wind indicator arrow is pointing in the wrong direction?

  • This is by far the most frequently asked question regarding the new version III. Please look at the interface link from the main menu which explains the arrow direction. The indicator arrow points in the direction that the wind is coming from. This is standard for physical wind indicators. You can also think of it as the small hand of a clock. If the small hand is pointing to the 3:00 position then it is a 3:00 wind. This is described in more detail in the Wind classroom section.

I can't get the right answer for one question in the ranging classroom section.

  • The test where you have to calculate the size of the target when given the range causes some confusion. Most of the time the problem is caused by not using the correct mil or moa ranging value. The target is 4 feet square. That's 48 inches or 1.33 yards. The mil range for the target is 1.9. The MOA range for the target is very close to 6.8 or 6.9 (the actual MOA value is 6.85). If you have the correct MIL or MOA range value here is how you do the math.

For the MIL measurement of 1.9:

For the MOA measurement of 6.8.

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When I try to open the app on my Mac I get a message that it does not recognize the developer.

  • Mac OS X 10.8 includes new features to improve security for users. One of the new default options prevents users from being able to install or launch applications that are not downloaded from the Mac App Store, or that have not been digitally signed by the developers. The LRSSMAC.app is not digitally signed at this time.

    To run the LRSS app on Mac OS X 10.8, there are two options:

    Option 1: Override Gatekeeper for only the current installer

    Control-Click on the lrssmac.app file. You should see the Finder’s contextual menu.
    Select ‘Open’. Mac OS X will display a warning that the installer app is from an unidentified developer and ask the user to confirm that they want to open it.
    Click on the ‘Open’ button. This will allow the installer to run on your computer.

    Option 2: Override Gatekeeper altogether
    Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy
    Click the lock icon in the lower-left corner and enter your administrator username and password
    Under “Allow applications downloaded from”, select “Anywhere”

    The application should launch and function normally.

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When hit the enter button I get a black screen.

  • This happens if the the exe or app files were moved out of the folder that they came in. This can happen if you try to make a short cut or during the unzipping process. If you have the option available in your extracting software be sure that you select to preserve file path names and folders.

I purchased version 2 of the simulation. How can I receive an upgrade?

  • Everyone who purchased the CD from shooterready after November 1, 2009 has been contacted with a discount offer for version 3.

    Version 3 is completely new with all new stages, and updated, improved classroom sections. There was so much demand for additional reticles and the mil turret system the decision to develop a whole new version was unavoidable. The simulation is not really considered software but instead can be considered to be a training course and version 3 is a new training course.

    Since the simulation has been out for over 12 years since version 1 it would be nearly impossible to keep track of all who have purchased it in the past. To try to keep almost everyone happy the price of the new version was kept low (and was the first price increase in 8 years) so that everyone could enjoy a discount, in a way. And, if you look at the price of a weekend long-range rifle course or a box of rifle ammo, the price of the simulation is still a bargain.

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Does the simulation work on all versions of Windows?

  • The simulation works on all versions of Windows. It does not require installation.

Will the simulation run on a Macintosh?

  • Yes it works on MacOSX including 10.7. There has been one report that upgrading to 10.8, the app file will be removed from the LRSSMAC folder. If you try to launch it you will get a black screen. You will have to copy and paste the app file back into the folder. It will not succeed if you attempt to drag it in. There is no problem if 10.8 was already installed before you download the simulation.

Does the price inclued both the Mac and Windows version?

  • Yes.

Will the CD work on a Linux based system?

  • The full version of the simulation is created with Macromedia Flash using an exe player file. You can run the simulation on a Linux based system by using a browser with the Flash plug-in then opening the main.swf file found in the MacOSX folder.

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Does it work on an iPhone, iPad?

  • No.

Can I use my own data in the simulation?

  • No, you can't. The simulation is a basic training tool. The ballistic data chosen is typical for some of the more common long range calibers. Once you have a good idea of how to range, set elevation and windage and read a range card the next step would be to purchase some ballistic software, develop data for your own system, then go out on the range and practice.

When I try to run the CD I get a device not ready error or the simulation freezes up, or it seems that nothing is on the CD. Is the CD defective?

  • The simulation is currently created on write-able CD's. If you have an older CD drive or if your CD drive is starting to wear out the first sign of trouble is that it can't read write-able CD's. You will get an error message telling you the device isn't ready, or on some systems the drive will not be able to read the files. First try using some compressed air to clean dust off the lens of the CD drive. Just open the drawer and blow compressed air in. Then try the CD again. If it still doesn't work, see if you can try it on another computer. If it works on another computer then it's time for a new CD drive. They are inexpensive and you can replace it yourself.

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If you have any other questions please contact us.

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