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Long Range Shooting Simulation 3.0

reticle imageLearn the basics of exterior ballists, range estimation, and more. All without wasting a single round of ammunition.

Try out the sample demos then Order the full version

This is not a game

It is also not exterior ballistic software. This a training simulation which graphically displays how wind, altitude, and temperature affect bullets of different calibers in flight.
The user can practice using a reticle for ranging, holds and adjusting for misses. This is a great tool for shooters new to long range shooting. Try out different types of reticles and compare accuracy and use of mil and moa turret adjustments and gain experience using different calibers. Imagine shooting a .50 cal in the comfort of your own home.

Features of Version 3.0

32 ranges using six calibers

Black Hills .224 diameter
223 Remington
77 grain Sierra HPBT

Sierra 264 diameter
142 grain (6.5 mm)

300 Win Mag
.308 diameter Winchester Magnum
180 grain Power Point

Sierra .308 diameter
175 grain HPBT Match King

Black Hills .338 diameter
338 Lapua 250 grain
Sierra HPBT

50 Cal
Hornady .510 diameter
750 grain AMAX

MIL or MOA turret adjustment

1/10 mil MIL turret adjustment
Quarter-minute clicks MOA turret adjustment.

Four different reticle choices

Oval mil dot, round mil dot plus lines, mil lines, and MOA lines

First and Second focal plane zoom

10X fixed power, 20X second focal plane (custom reticle, the target enlarges but the reticle does not), 20X first focal plane (target and reticle enlarges)

MIL or MOA Ranging

Practice MIL or MOA ranging on four different target sizes. A 12" X 12" swinging plate, a 30" X 18" knock-down plate, 48" X 48" steel knock-down plate and a regulation 72" X 19" knock-down plate.

Ranges include uphill/downhill shooting, temperature variations over the course of a day, and differential wind challenges. The .223 courses offer moving targets, targets under partial cover, and hostage situations. 

In all you get over 300 different ranging exercises with variable wind and other atmospheric conditions.

Interactive Classrooms

Every serious shooter should understand minute of angle and exterior ballistics. Learn how to use the reticle to estimate range, adjust for wind, how to use a range card and engage moving targets in Classroom modules. These subjects and more are also explained with interactive tests.
View the sample ranging classroom

Works on Windows and Macs OSX
See FAQ for more details

Buy Now. At $43.95 the price is less than a box of ammo.

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