Is the Shooter Ready?

The Long Range Shooting Simulation

Learn the basics of exterior ballists, range estimation, and more. All without wasting a single round of ammunition.

The simulation is not a game. It is also not exterior ballistic software. This a realistic training simulation which graphically displays how wind, altitude, and temperature affect bullets of different calibers in flight.

Practice using a reticle for ranging, holds and adjusting for misses. This is a great tool for shooters new to long range shooting. Try out different types of reticles, compare the use of mil and moa turret adjustments. Gain the experience of using different calibers. Imagine shooting a .50 cal in the comfort of your own home.


Detailed classroom section explaining the science of external ballistics
4 reticle choices
A choice of MIL or MOA turret adjustments
Six caliber choices
Realistic wind conditions
Differential winds downrange
Uphill/downhill ranges
Four target sizes
First and second focal plane zoom
and more . .

Try it out

Check out the demo of one fully featured .308 stage. A complete classroom section explains how to range with a reticle.

Full Metric Version

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