Is the Shooter Ready?

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Long Range Shooting Simulation Demos

Try out one range or a sample classroom. The full version has six calibers and 32 different ranges with over 300 stages plus 6 classroom sections.
A basic understanding of estimating ranges using a mil or moa reticle, using a range card to set elevation and windage is necessary to use the simulation.

If you want to learn the basics of long range shooting the full version is an excellent training course.

The Demos

It is highly recommended to first review the reticle ranging classroom which explains the mil and moa reticles used and how to range with a reticle.

Then choose either the MOA turret adjustment with mil or moa reticles demo or the MIL turret adjustment with mil reticles demo.

Be sure to read the short instructions on the introduction screen for information about how to use the controls before you enter the range.

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